Episode 58: Breast Cancer Awareness with The Rose

What do you know about breast cancer? Did you know that through prevention, death rates can be reduced? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! If you have ignored or put off getting checked, now’s the time to do it! Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and Co-Founder of The Rose Center for Breast Health Excellence, takes the opportunity […]

Episode 57: Behind the Scenes at the Downtown Aquarium

Who knew that years ago, Houston would have an enjoyable and unbelievably different place that would stand out in the downtown area? Now recognized as a city landmark, the Downtown Aquarium is one of Houston’s great visitor locations. It’s an incredible place to see because it’s a magnificent six-acre entertainment and dining complex. Plus, who […]

Episode 56: Celebrating Hispanic Culture at the Alley Theatre

Alley Theatre’s Hubbard stage presents the production of “American Mariachi” in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, along with the support of its community initiative, “El Zocalo.” Today, Blanca Quezada meets with Baldemar Rodriguez, Alley Theatre’s manager of community partnerships, to discuss the upcoming production and “El Zocalo’s” commitment to celebrate, grow, and interact with Houston’s […]

Episode 55: Celebrating Oaxacan Art and Culture

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Glassell School of Art opens an art exhibit from the lower southwest state of Oaxaca in Mexico. The exhibition Magical and Mystical Oaxaca: Celebrating Oaxacan Art and Culture showcases vibrantly colored diverse works of art in three installations. Valentina Atkinson, director of the Serrano Gallery and Serrano Oaxaca […]

Episode 54: Shedding Light on Alzheimer’s

When we hear the word dementia, sometimes the first thing we think of is Alzheimer’s. Today, we’ll discover what dementia means and learn more about what we need to know about Alzheimer’s. Jorge Olvera, director of outreach with the Alzheimer’s Association, Houston and Southeast Texas, joins host Blanca Quezada to clarify the differences between mental […]

Episode 53: Exploring Houston’s Biodiversity at the Arboretum

Houstonians are fortunate to have an incredible nature center situated close to downtown. The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is a beautiful gem that sometimes can be missed because of its location, but once you hear what it has to offer, you’ll want to put it on your list of places to visit in the […]

Episode 52: Giving the gift of hope with LifeGift

Photo of Kevin Myer, from LifeGift

Becoming an organ and tissue donor is something we can easily do, but for many of us, that’s not something we even think about. It may seem like a scary thing to do, but when you’re a registered donor, you will not only be giving hope to the person in need of a life-saving transplant […]

Episode 51: In-Depth with the Houston Health Department

Houston has an excellent Health Department with over 70 health resources and plenty of services and information for our community. Porfirio Villarreal, public information officer for the Houston Health Department, joins Blanca to explain how this dynamic city department’s mission is to work in partnership with the community to promote and help to protect the […]

Episode 50:  Redefining “Old Age” with the Great Age Movement

As a society, we tend to view aging people as “old people” that should sit at home and basically become invisible. What a mistake this is because they still have a lot to contribute. All they need is someone to recognize that they still exist. Fritz McDonald, president and founder of the Great Age Movement, […]

Episode 49: The Furniture Bank is bringing beds to kids in need

Houston is very fortunate to have so many diverse non-profit organizations that provide numerous types of assistance for everyone in need in our community. Still, there is one that helps to elevate their living conditions. Today, Jeff Taylor, Director of Operations of the Furniture Bank, sits with Blanca to discuss how his organization is unique […]