Episode 63: Thanksgiving Traditions and Memories

Spotlight Houston invites you to wind down your Thanksgiving week with our latest episode featuring host Blanca Quezada and producer Sandra Fernandez. In this post-Thanksgiving special, Blanca and Sandra reflect on their childhood memories, family traditions, and the unique ways they have incorporated Latino touches into the holiday. Blanca and Sandra delve into their holiday […]

Episode 62: 45th Annual Thanksgiving Super Feast

In this week’s episode, Blanca Quezada sits down for a conversation with Stephanie Lewis, the Regional Director of the City Wide Club of America, and they delve into the community spirit that defines our city. We explore the rich history and diverse services offered by the City Wide Club of America. They provide everything from […]

Episode 60: ALMAAHH is bringing a Latino Arts and Culture Center to Houston

Join us for our newest episode of Spotlight Houston as we shine a light on ALMAAHH – Advocates of a Latino Museum of Cultural and Visual Arts & Archive Complex in Houston, Harris County. We sit down with Geraldina Interiano Wise, Co-Founder and Chair of ALMAAHH, to discover their mission of shaping the future of […]