Episode 42: A Summer Adventure Destination for Kids at the Children’s Museum Houston

There is a marvelous place for kids and teens that provides diverse adventures and lots of fun year-round while at the same time giving them the opportunity to learn without even realizing that’s happening – it’s the Children’s Museum Houston. 

In this week’s episode, Henry Yau, director of marketing and public relations at the Children’s Museum Houston, provides us with the scoop on this amazing entertainment and educational destination. He’s also going to talk about all the extraordinary summer programs that are being offered. 

At the Children’s Museum Houston, they know that summer can be challenging for parents, especially when they want to ensure their kids discover new fun and educational activities. Henry will tell us about the exciting interactive museum exhibits and activities and their summer programs. He also mentions the extensive, diverse virtual programs, like fine art, math, reading, science, social studies, and even physical education. 

To discover all the Children’s Museum Houston has to offer, including their calendar of events, visit them at: www.cmhouston.org, or for more information, call 713-522-1138.

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