Episode 74: Protecting Your Heart with the American Heart Association

February is American Heart Month, and I, for one, just take my heart for granted. I don’t think about it until I hear about people who have lost family members or friends to heart disease, heart attacks, or strokes. I also found out it can happen at any age. It’s not just an elderly person’s health issue.

For today’s show, I’ve asked Chole Burke, advocate for the American Heart Association (AHA), and Miss North Texas 2023, to share with us her personal story regarding her heart issues and how her condition has impacted her life.

Chole also shared how she became a volunteer with AHA and how it prepared her to share her story in the hopes that we can all go get checked and perhaps save our lives.

The AHA is also celebrating its 100th Anniversary, and Chole relates the history of the association. Why and who created the organization? How it’s been helping people throughout the country. She talked about how AHA provides CPR classes that will help someone’s life.

She provided heart problem symptoms and advice on how we can take care of our hearts.

To get more information about the American Heart Association, heart issues, and how to become a volunteer, visit: https://www.heart.org and look for Texas affiliates.

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00:00 Opening & Intro.
Chole Burke ignored heart symptoms at 21; dismissed as irrelevant due to age.

04:45 Go Red.
National Wear Red Day is a national day dedicated to raising awareness and support for women’s heart health. The Go Red for Women movement, led by the American Heart Association, extends beyond just one day to a year-round effort. The movement hosts various events and fundraisers in an ongoing effort to raise money for research and bring attention to heart disease, the leading cause of death for women. The events include fashion shows, social gatherings, and community-building activities to provide support for those affected and to spread awareness about heart disease in women.

08:21 100 years.
The organization, in its 100th year, has evolved to advocate for women’s health, nutrition programs, and youth education, beyond its initial focus on heart health.

10:45 Diversity in health.
The Go Red For Women movement targets fundraising for equitable healthcare access across different cultures, socioeconomic communities, and races, emphasizing the disparities in treatment, diagnosis, and urgent cures. Their focus is on researching and addressing the underlying causes to ensure equal opportunities for health equity in diverse communities.

16:01 Heart attack symptoms.
Heart attack symptoms differ for men and women, with women often experiencing atypical symptoms such as flu-like body aches and nausea, leading to dismissal by some doctors.

18:10 CPR training.
Texas schools now require kids above 10 to learn hands-on CPR AED training to teach valuable skills and encourage parents to get trained as well.

21:43 Personal health.
Chloe shares their experience of getting involved in volunteering and how it has been personally rewarding for them. Their first volunteering opportunity was at the Go Red For Women Heart Gala, where they helped with check-in and felt a sense of validation and closure from being around others who had been affected by heart disease.

24:36 Thanks.
Expressing gratitude for kindness shown, highlighting the impact on purpose and the ability to drive change in state laws, despite overcoming health challenges. Ongoing research into heart disease and funding for CPR implementation conducted by the American Heart Association indicates a continual need for learning and progress in this area.

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