Episode 40: Shedding Light on Mental Health

May is Mental Health MonthLearning About Mental Health with Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD Mental health is an issue that sometimes is not discussed among families or friends for different reasons. It could be because of stigma, but it is a health issue that needs to be brought up so that care can […]

Episode 18: CDC Holiday Recommendations

In today’s episode, Blanca is sharing CDC recommendations for staying healthy and safe during the holiday season. For more information visit: cdc.gov/healthequity/features/holidayseason or visit cdc.gov.

Episode 17: Guarding your Mental Health During the Holiday Season

In today’s episode, Blanca is discussing ideas on how to calmly enjoy the holiday season whether it’s with family, friends or alone, She shares suggestions made by mental health professionals on how takes the holiday season one day at time. If someone is having a mental health crisis or suicide crisis call or text the […]