Episode 31: Discover the beauty of the Houston Botanic Garden

Welcome to Spotlight Houston! Today’s guest is Dany Millikin, Director of Education at the Houston Botanic Garden, a living plant museum located in the heart of Houston. Danny is determined to save endangered plants and educate the public, despite the monumental task of caring for the 140 acres of gardens and the central conflict of […]

Episode 28: Honoring the Legacy of Buffalo Soldiers

Get ready for an informative and inspiring episode of the Spotlight Houston Show, where host Blanca sits down with Dr. Michelle Tovar, the director of education at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum in Houston. Join them as they delve into the fascinating history of the Buffalo Soldiers, Black military men and women who served their […]

Episode 24: Learning from our past at Holocaust Museum Houston

In this episode, Blanca talks to Joel Bangilan, librarian at the Holocaust Museum Houston, to find out what it offers visitors. Joel describes what visitors will see and learn about the Holocaust through each exhibit on all three floors of the museum and how students and researchers can use the museum’s library for their studies. […]