Episode 55: Celebrating Oaxacan Art and Culture

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Glassell School of Art opens an art exhibit from the lower southwest state of Oaxaca in Mexico. The exhibition Magical and Mystical Oaxaca: Celebrating Oaxacan Art and Culture showcases vibrantly colored diverse works of art in three installations.

Valentina Atkinson, director of the Serrano Gallery and Serrano Oaxaca Gallery, shares with host Blanca Quezada her partnership with the Glassell School of Art and the exhibition, which, for her, was a unique opportunity to help foster cultural exchange and to engage with Oaxacan art and artist. She describes the state of Oaxaca as a state that still maintains many pre-Hispanic traditions and a magical culture.

She discusses the powerful works by four Oaxacan contemporary artists featured in the exhibit and how their art focuses on the worlds of the real, the imaginary, tradition, and modernity found in their state.

Women artists are also featured in the exhibition. This exhibit highlights the Oaxacan women printmakers’ unique perspectives and artistic expressions. The exhibit shows their printmaking techniques, including woodcut, etching, and lithography.

Valentina also mentions the Glassell’s students’ journey to Oaxaca to experience and explore the culture and art and how they created visual documentation of what they discovered, which are also part of the exhibition.

Visit the Magical and Mystical Oaxaca: Celebrating Oaxacan Art and Culture, now through October 1, 2023, at the Glassell School of Art.

For more information visit: https://www.mfah.org/search?q=oaxaca+art+exhibit,  or visit: https://serranogallery.com.

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