Episode 37: Discover a World of Mysteries at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Learn about the mysteries found in the many diverse exhibit halls from around the world that are in the five floors of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, as Blanca Quezada sits down with Kathleen Havens, director of the museum’s curriculum and content to talk about the incredible discoveries that await the public.

Presently, the museum has a remarkable exhibit that replicates the experience that British archaeologist Howard Carter and his workmen had when they discovered King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber, “King Tut’s Discovery Experience.” Kathleen discusses how the exhibit was created, the artifacts that can be seen, and how the museum wanted to make sure the public could feel exactly what it would have been like to be the first people to see King Tut’s tomb.

Kathleen also shares information on the renovation of the Cockrell Butterfly Center, and the colorful and delicate butterflies, and other insects that call it home; the Burke Baker Planetarium, where we can learn about the vast space beyond our planet; the anthropology hall where we can see amazing dinosaurs, and wonder or imagine what the world must have been like when they existed; then be amazed with artifacts on display that belonged to diverse Native American civilizations;  the Wortham Giant Screen Theatre; and so much more.

Be prepared to make plans to visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science soon!           

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