Episode 68: 2024 Predictions by Fernando Marron, Psychic & Medium

Get ready for a fascinating journey on this week’s Spotlight Houston! We’re delving into the mysteries of the future with Fernando Marron, renowned Psychic & Medium.

As we gear up for 2024, we’re setting aside the typical New Year’s resolutions. Join us as we sit down with Fernando to get the inside scoop on what the future holds for us, Houston, and the world.

Predicting the future isn’t just a modern fascination – people have been at it for centuries. From Nostradamus to Fernando, we explore the intriguing world of psychic insights. Fernando spills the beans on global warming, Middle Eastern conflicts, presidential hopefuls, economic twists and turns, scientific breakthroughs, and even technological wonders.

Have you wondered about how to tap into your own psychic potential? Fernando’s got you covered – he shares insights on how he discovered his gift and how you can, too. Tune in for a dose of clairvoyance and maybe discover your hidden talents!

Dive deeper into Fernando’s mystical world by visiting his website: https://www.fernandomarron.com. Find out how you can connect with him and unlock the secrets of your own future.

We are wishing you an amazing and safe New Year from Spotlight Houston! As we leap into 2024, stay tuned for more captivating episodes filled with fun and information. Drop your comments and show ideas – we’d love to hear from you. Keep listening, Houston!

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Timestamps (AI-generated)

00:00 Welcome.

06:15 Psychic potential.
Fernando discusses how humans may have forgotten their potential and might have untapped abilities. He shares his first psychic experience, where he had a premonition of a future event.

12:39 Nurture your potential.
Consistent practice and frequent readings have resulted in accurate predictions and increased confidence in my abilities.

15:11 Predictions.
Fernando discusses a prediction of disruption in the commerce and transportation industries due to attacks on ships. Initially, the prediction pointed to the Pacific Ocean due to naval ship activity and explosive events around Hawaii. However, it was later understood that the attacks were occurring in the Red Sea. He also mentioned discussing these details on social media.

18:16 More predictions.
AI systems replacing service jobs in retail and restaurant, automated clinics and hospitals, and testing in countries with limited resources due to staff shortage.

21:51 Predictions in health.
COVID will lead to breakthroughs in understanding viral infections, influencing treatment for diabetes and HIV, with the help of AI integration in medical systems.

24:31 Predictions in education.
Potential lawsuit between HISD and state over governmental control of education, leading to possible new law to protect school systems’ autonomy and independence from government control.

29:45 Website.
Fernando provides predictions and offers psychic classes on his website fernandomarron.com, where he also tracks the accuracy of his predictions. He shares success stories of students gaining psychic abilities through his program.

31:29 Book.
Upcoming book about developing abilities without relying on angels or spirit guides, with a focus on using brainpower and the power within the mind.

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