Episode 90: Skin Cancer Prevention Recommendations from Bellaire Dermatology Clinic

Summer is upon us, and all we think about is going out to enjoy the sun either by a pool, the beach, gardening, playing outdoors with the kids, other activities, or just sitting out to a nice tan. But many of us overlook the fact that the sun’s rays can damage our skins in many ways, but the scariest is skin cancer which sometimes can be deadly depending on lots of factors, for example the type it is.

Sitting to discuss with Blanca Quezada, host, regarding skin cancer prevention are two Houston’s best dermatologists from Bellaire Dermatology Clinic, Dr. Kayla McNiece, FACMS and Dr. Lauren Pontius Floyd.

Dr. McNiece is a specialist in skin cancer, facial reconstruction, and complex dermatology. Dr. Floyd specializes in medical dermatology, skin cancer, and dermatologic procedures.

Both doctors discuss the importance of sunscreen for skin protection, what are the most common skin cancers, treatment options, what Mohs surgery is, what the risk factors are for skin cancer, who is at risk, and self-examination. They also describe what melanomas look like and how it can also occur in nails. Both doctors give recommendations on the best sunscreens to buy and how to use them.

Enjoy being out in the sun but follow the Dr’s recommendations to prevent skin cancers. Stay safe!

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