Episode 41: Transforming Lives Through Teach for America

In this week’s episode, our host Blanca Quezada sits down with the incredible Tiffany Cuellar Needham, the Executive Director of Teach for America Houston.

Teach For America is on a mission to end educational inequity by finding, developing, and supporting a diverse network of leaders. They believe in the power of education and are dedicated to creating a nation where every student has access to a quality education.

Teach for America was founded with a revolutionary idea: young people committing to teaching for a couple of years in rural and urban communities where they are needed most could transform their own lives while putting kids on a stronger academic path. And boy, did it prove true! Four out of five people who join Teach for America stay in the work, with 70% continuing in the K-12 education system and 10% working in other roles supporting education.

Teach for America works closely with school district partners to identify areas where teachers are most needed and places qualified candidates in those classrooms. It’s a transformative process, and in this engaging interview, Blanca and Tiffany dive deep into the journey of placing teachers in classrooms and how Teach for America supports them every step of the way.

Tiffany shares her own incredible story, coming from a small town in South Texas and initially pursuing a degree in finance. However, her passion for giving back and helping kids like herself led her to Teach for America, where she became a successful teacher and eventually joined the Teach for America staff. Through the resources provided by Teach for America, Tiffany’s dream of making a difference in education became a reality.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating conversation filled with inspiring stories and valuable insights. Tune in to the Spotlight Houston Show and be ready to be inspired!

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