Episode 44: Discover “The Zoo in You” at The Museum of Health

In this episode, be prepared to be astonished to hear about how trillions of microbes make their homes inside our bodies from Becky Seabrook, senior director of communications, and Ella Hohmann, science communications specialist at The Health Museum. They will be discussing the museum’s newest exhibit, “The Zoo in You,” which shows and teaches visitors of all ages to explore this fascinating and complex world inside us that is our microbiome—a dynamic, adaptable, and delicately balanced ecosystem much like any other found in nature.

Find out who our constant microbial companions are, where they live, how diverse they are, and in what ways scientists are discovering just how important they are to our personal health. And how we can explore this vibrant world of our inner microorganisms through engaging, interactive, and bilingual exhibits and programs.

Hear about the “Zoo in You” exhibit’s three thematic areas:  Meet the Microbes, Our Complex Ecosystems, and Exploring our Microbiome. You will be surprised to find out that our microbiome is more than just bacteria, viruses, or fungi.  

 “Zoo in You” is now open and closes Sunday, September 17, 2023.  

In addition, find out about the museum’s summer programs for kids of all ages. Teens can register for the Global Teen Medical Summit Program happening through July 14, 2023, and younger children up to age 13 can join the Summer Discovery Camps happening through August 26, 2023.

To discover all about The Health Museum, including their calendar events and exhibits, visit: www.thehealthmuseum.org or call 713-521-1515 for more information.

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