Episode 45: Lessons for Dads from author Alicia Araujo-Elatassi

In honor of Father’s Day, award-winning author Alicia Araujo-Elatassi discusses her bilingual easy-to-read book Querido Papa (Dear Dad). This is a book written to assist dads in creating a strong, loving connection with their daughters as they grow into adulthood.

Alicia shares her experiences and struggles with her dad and what it took to achieve the exceptional loving relationship she now shares with him. She talks about why she decided to recount her upbringing and her experiences with her dad. She explains how dads can better understand the struggles their daughters may be going through and how they can help them navigate through their lives. Alicia knows it may not always be easy to connect, but through her experience, she knows it can happen. She wants dads and daughters to use her book as a valuable tool to have those important conversations. She also offers tips and encouragement.

Alicia shares with dads how important they are to their daughters and how it’s not that difficult to build and improve their relationships and create that loving bond for the rest of their lives.

Alicia wrote her book with the collaboration and approval of her loving dad, Jose S. Araujo Sr.

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