Episode 49: The Furniture Bank is bringing beds to kids in need

Houston is very fortunate to have so many diverse non-profit organizations that provide numerous types of assistance for everyone in need in our community. Still, there is one that helps to elevate their living conditions. Today, Jeff Taylor, Director of Operations of the Furniture Bank, sits with Blanca to discuss how his organization is unique and how they have been able to help thousands of people by providing them with the essential furniture they may need. He also talks about making sure no children sleep on the floor by giving mattresses as well. 

Jeff mentions how furniture is a critical steppingstone to improve living conditions and elevates an individual’s pride and dignity during their time of need. He stresses that receiving furniture is much more than having a bed to sleep or a table to have a meal with family. It’s about giving a helping hand so that people can get on their feet. It’s about providing the gift of hope.

They’ve helped people who lost their homes and everything they owned because of fires, natural disasters like hurricanes or tornados, or those transitioning from houselessness.

Jeff also talks about how the community can donate their used furniture or money, purchase furniture at their furniture outlet, and also the need for volunteers and much more.

For more information, visit https://houstonfurniturebank.org or call 713-842-9771. The Furniture Bank is located at 8220 Mosley Rd. Houston, TX 77075.  

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[00:01:14] The Furniture Bank helps people in need with furniture, especially during disasters and transitions. Founded in 1992, it has aided thousands of people.

[00:06:09] The Red Cross provides immediate assistance and helps with reestablishment. The Furniture Bank comes in after.

[00:07:32] Individuals can support The Furniture Bank by scheduling furniture donation pickups or dropping off items at their location. They sometimes have limited furniture inventory but receive donations from partners like MD Anderson and the Dallas Furniture Bank. They are excited about the upcoming couch shipment from Dallas.

[00:09:50] The Furniture Bank has a mattress recycling center that repurposes donated mattresses and disassembles them for recycling. They recycled 48,000 mattresses in 2022.

[00:12:52] DIVAS is a group of volunteers, including designers and artists, that helps individuals transition to independent living by decorating their living spaces.

[00:17:26] Mission: to help families in need and provide furniture resources for those transitioning to independent living.

[00:22:33] Jeff shares important information about The Furniture Bank, encouraging community support.

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