Episode 50:  Redefining “Old Age” with the Great Age Movement

As a society, we tend to view aging people as “old people” that should sit at home and basically become invisible. What a mistake this is because they still have a lot to contribute. All they need is someone to recognize that they still exist. Fritz McDonald, president and founder of the Great Age Movement, has done just that. Listen to Fritz talk about why he’s made it his mission to redefine “old age” through his organization.

Fritz is so passionate about getting people in their golden years to get inspired by participating in exercise programs, so with the support of sponsors, the organization launched a Great Age Fitness Park. Seniors now have a playground to safely workout with the help of instructors, and with the partnership of The Health Museum, they can join indoor fun exercise programs as well.

The Great Age Movement is committed to providing free diverse activities, from movement programs to educational classes focused on mental and spiritual wellness, entertainment, healthy cooking, DIY projects, and so much more.

Fritz also mentions how the organization worked with The Health Museum to create free online videos providing exercises and topics to benefit senior citizens for anyone to do in their homes. Fritz wants to ensure everyone can participate, even when they can’t visit the park or the museum.

To learn more about the Great Age Movement visit: https://thegreatage.org.

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[00:02:08] Fritz’s life experiences led him to create a senior fitness park to help people with limited incomes and provide a sense of community. He was inspired by a law in China and received support from a philanthropist. He also developed indoor workout programs at the Health Museum.

[00:08:39] They are building a second center for seniors with free programs. Excited about a third center in another neighborhood.

[00:12:13] The program brings vitality and friendships to seniors, redefining old age through innovative social programs.

[00:15:01] Archived videos from At Home Lab series, offering workouts and DIY projects for homebound individuals. Expert guests provide makeup tips and organizing advice. Trying to reach caregivers and family members.

[00:18:17] They are building a new fitness station with a memory game and plan to add more brain activities to stimulate recall and problem-solving. Trying new things as you age is important for keeping your brain fresh.

[00:21:15] WellMed provides grant, sponsors lunches, and sends volunteers to museum program, promoting health education through exercise and nutrition.

[00:24:59] Promote engagement with seniors and family values, emphasizing the need for extended family involvement.

[00:27:34] Charity hosting annual senior prom gala, featuring live band, three-course meal, and inspirational speaker with 2 million Instagram followers. Goal is to support and provide free programs for seniors.

[00:30:27] The website offers info on free events, playground, Senior Prom gala, and fitness park.

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