Episode 62: 45th Annual Thanksgiving Super Feast

In this week’s episode, Blanca Quezada sits down for a conversation with Stephanie Lewis, the Regional Director of the City Wide Club of America, and they delve into the community spirit that defines our city.

We explore the rich history and diverse services offered by the City Wide Club of America. They provide everything from mentoring and financial education to practical support like warm meals, utility assistance, and job fairs.

Their best-known event is the upcoming 45th Annual Thanksgiving Day Feast, which is expected to provide joy and nourishment to more than 30,000 individuals at the George R. Brown Convention Center downtown. Stephanie invites us all to participate in this occasion by volunteering or contributing food, clothing, and other items. Even if you can’t physically be there, we can make a meaningful impact in numerous ways.

Whether you’ve been a longtime supporter or are just discovering the impact of the City Wide Club of America, this episode shares the essence of an organization that believes in the power of unity and kindness. Together, we can make a difference in Houston.

To find more details on how to give or volunteer visit: https://www.citywideclub.com.

Remember, new episodes of Spotlight Houston grace us every Sunday, so mark your calendars, and let’s continue spreading awareness and support throughout our vibrant city. Thank you for being a part of our community and contributing to Houston’s resilience!

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Timestamps (AI-generated)

[02:22] City Wide Club of America started with a group that began mentoring students to address issues noticed in their preparation for life. They organized vocational panels with professionals to provide guidance.

[03:21] City Wide Club of America helps with various needs, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, food, utility, rental, shelter, after-school, enrichment, and job assistance.

[09:20] They are accepting donations of frozen turkeys, canned goods, non-perishable items, gently used clothing, household items, shoes, jackets, and blankets for the homeless. Financial contributions can be made through their website, by mailing a check, or by calling them. More information can be found at citywideclub.com.

[10:27] The day before Thanksgiving is their prep day, where they cook, dice, chop, and bake to prepare everything. They want their guests to know they care about them and the taste of their food, so they only serve what meets their standards.

[15:48] They’re having a superfood and turkey drive on Monday, November 20th at the George R Brown Convention Center and other locations. Donations can also be made at select Kroger stores, Chick-fil-A locations, and the City Cathedral Church in The Woodlands. Call for exact addresses.

[19:02] To ensure every attending child receives at least one new toy, they will give away a variety of toys, such as bicycles and scooters. This has been a successful annual event and is the main highlight for Christmas.

[21:52] Stephanie cautions against assuming that someone doesn’t have a need just because they appear well-dressed or wear makeup.

[25:05] Stephanie discusses the City Wide Club of America, their community work, the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Day feasts, and the importance of those in need and volunteers showing up.

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