Episode 63: Thanksgiving Traditions and Memories

Spotlight Houston invites you to wind down your Thanksgiving week with our latest episode featuring host Blanca Quezada and producer Sandra Fernandez. In this post-Thanksgiving special, Blanca and Sandra reflect on their childhood memories, family traditions, and the unique ways they have incorporated Latino touches into the holiday.

Blanca and Sandra delve into their holiday celebrations, offering a glimpse into the shared experiences that make Thanksgiving a truly special time. From fondly remembered dishes to tales of family gatherings, this episode serves as a heartfelt conclusion to Thanksgiving week.

Whether you’re still savoring the Thanksgiving spirit or transitioning into the next phase of the holiday season, join Spotlight Houston as we provide a comforting perspective on the shared joys of this time of year.

Timestamps (AI-generated)

[01:17] Thanksgiving is celebrated by Laitno families in the US, blending American and Latino traditions.

[03:06] Sandra shares how Thanksgiving traditions evolved with family dynamics.

[08:31] Blanca reminisces on past menus of Turkey tacos, salsa, mole sauce, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, desserts, and pumpkin bread.

[10:58] Blanca shares her family’s tradition of watching football, desserts, pinata for kids, sugar rush, crash, food coma, and DJ for dancing outside on nice days.

[16:36] Discovering the cultural blending in Houston, including traditions and celebrations, alongside childhood memories of attending the Thanksgiving Day parade and visiting the downtown department store, Foley’s.

[20:56] Sandra shares past Thanksgiving meals, including the years she made a turducken, which are turkeys stuffed with a duck and a chicken, with layers of stuffing in between.

[24:30] They talk about loving pies, cakes, and family traditions and invite others to share their experiences.

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