Episode 73: BakerRipley’s Impact and Service to Houston

Are you ready for an inspiring journey? Join us as we explore how BakerRipley has been lighting up lives for over a century!

Dive in with Elizabeth Hale, the passionate communication manager at BakerRipley, as she takes us through the organization’s rich history since 1907. Discover how BakerRipley stands as a pillar of hope and support, helping those in need across our great city.

From innovative education programs to nourishing food initiatives and childcare to veteran support, learn how BakerRipley’s wide array of services touches the lives of families, children, and older people, helping Houstonians thrive.

And guess what? You, too, can be a part of this fantastic story! Whether you’re interested in volunteering, partnering, or just learning more, Elizabeth shares how every Houstonian can get involved and make a difference.

Are you curious to know more? Click your way over to https://www.bakerripley.org and see how you can join the BakerRipley family.

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00:00 Opening & intro.
BakerRipley is an organization aiding Houston and underserved communities since 1908, highlighting its growth, assistance to hundreds of people, and ongoing services. Elizabeth Hale, the communications manager, will discuss the organization’s history, longevity in the city, programs, and services.

06:39 History.
BakerRipley has a history of adapting to community needs, starting with providing a safe place for children in the early 1900s, to offering healthcare during disease outbreaks in the mid-20th century, and later focusing on education in the 1960s with the Head Start program. This reflects the organization’s commitment to being flexible and responsive to the changing needs of its neighbors.

07:52 Expansion.
The organization expanded with many centers, evolving into BakerRipley in 2017 to honor founders Alice Baker and Edith Brickley, whose support was crucial for its existence.

12:53 Programs.
The Head Start program offers early childcare and another initiative supports pregnant women, preparing parents for the child’s arrival and setting the child up for early education success. The program’s involvement begins before birth and extends all the way to seniors. The Head Start program offers free support for children, including meals, preparation for school, and fostering independence.

18:51 More programs.
New childcare program Early Reach partners with existing centers in Houston, providing funding and support for qualifying families. Civic engagement program focuses on voting rights, community involvement, and self-sufficiency.

21:58 About the community center.
The community center provides diverse volunteering opportunities, such as teaching classes, staffing the front desk, participating in food fairs, block walks during elections, calling people, supporting small businesses, adult education, digital literacy, and assisting seniors. The senior group is described as the most enjoyable to volunteer with.

26:23 Disaster relief.
BakerRipley provides disaster relief in the community, such as during Hurricane Harvey. Local officials trust and rely on their support, as it aligns with their mission of meeting the needs of the people in the community.

27:25 Thank you.

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