Episode 73: BakerRipley’s Impact and Service to Houston

BakerRipley has been a beacon of service to so thousands of people. After 117 years this amazing organization continues to keep its doors open for the underserved communities in our city.  It provides services and programs to help people become successful. They provide varies services for entire families, from the youngest child to the elderly.

Elizabeth Hale, communication manager for BakerRipley discusses the organizations beginning since 1907 and how it still that welcoming place for education, career and social aid for people build a better life. 

Elizabeth describes BakerRipley’s core mission and how it evolved to what it today with several location throughout the city. She, talks about what types of needs the organization specifically addresses. How they’ve created unique and innovative programs. She mentions Veteran services, adult education, childcare, food and nutrition, community events and much more.

They also have volunteer opportunities. Elizabeth mentions how important volunteer work is to the organization and how there are opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with different businesses or other organizations.

For more details visit: https://www.bakerripley.org.

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